SPARC topical meeting:
            Electron Spectrometry in the NESR

This year XX ISIAC will also host the SPARC topical meeting on Electron spectrometry in the New Experimental Storage Ring (NESR) which will take place right after the traditional ISIAC meeting is over, on the morning of Saturday August 4. All XX ISIAC participants are encouraged to attend free of charge.

The SPARC - Stored Particles Atomic physics Research Collaboration - has been formed within the project FAIR - Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research to be built at GSI, Darmstadt - Germany. The aim of this collaboration is to bring together expertise in atomic physics with highly charged ions at the international level and to address a broad variety of atomic physics experiments from fundamental physics to applications in Quantum Electrodynamics, Strong Fields and Ion -Matter Interactions.

The particular SPARC topical meeting on Electron spectrometry in the NESR is organized by the SPARC electron spectrometers group. Presentations will include review talks on conversion/Auger electron and positron emission processes in relativistic high-Z few electron ion-atom collisions and progress reports on the NESR and the proposed magnetic spectrometers. The session will close with a discussion of future scientific and practical organizational plans.

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